We currently have over 400 managed security solutions customers, ranging from small companies to Fortune 100 enterprises. IntelliSecurity is our complete suite of proactive Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions designed to support multi-threat security environments on a single platform. All inbound and outbound network traffic flows through a single device that identifies and destroys content-based threats without degrading network performance.

Managed Firewall

Be confident that your first line of defense is truly protecting your network. Our Managed Firewall service includes ongoing assessments of your Firewall and DNS setup, Firewall administration (including rule changes), maintenance of traffic flow, and Firewall reporting.

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Intrusion Protection Services

Firewalls alone cannot always prevent the complex attack patterns widely seen today—your business needs a second line of defense. With our Intrusion Protection Services, we monitor activity from devices placed on the inside of your network so we can immediately take action when suspicious activity is detected.

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Virtual Private Network

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) service connects remote users, branch offices, suppliers, and customers with the cost and performance advantages of public IP networks and the security and control of private networks. Routing, encryption, authentication, and data integrity ensure your connectivity is managed.

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Web Content Filtering

As the most advanced monitored content security product on the market, our solution allows you to block and monitor all web traffic, including sites that reduce worker productivity, non-business related sites, and sites that require excessive bandwidth usage.

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