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    SDN: Lessons Learned from a Top IP Provider (Capacity Magazine)

    As Software Defined Networking (SDN) is becoming more prevalent in today’s top networks, this article recounts the NTT Com’s experience deploying and implementing the technology. “The initiative was inspired and driven by the company’s engineers in their constant drive to improve quality of service levels,” says Shawn Morris, manager of IP-Development at NTT Com. Click on the link to read the entire report.

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    Bet365 improves latency and peering by updating network infrastructure (

    Bet365, a leading online sports betting website, wanted to offer its customers the best “in-play” experience possible. Dissatisfied with the service of multiple regional network providers, the company’s IT team decided it needed a global carrier and chose NTT Com. This case study explains how the Global IP Network helped Bet365 improve its services and offer its customers a fast, smooth and reliable experience.

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    NTT Com Deploys 100Gbps Digital Coherent Technology on Transpacific Submarine Cable (Telecom Review Magazine)

    As NTT Com announced the world’s first deployment of 100 Gbps digital coherent technology on a transpacific submarine cable system linking the U.S. and Japan, this article explains how the company increased the design capacity of the NTT Com’s PC-1 system by more than 2.5 times to 8.4 terabits per seconds, and the benefits this upgrade is bringing to customers.

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    NTT Com turns Comptel PLUS parents into heroes (Comptel PLUS Show Daily)

    NTT Com sponsors and powers the Fraboom Online Children’s Museum, a one-of-a-kind interactive online experience, to make sure kids worldwide benefit from online education. Going a step further, NTT turned parents attending COMPTEL PLUS Fall 2013 Convention & EXPO parents into heroes, as they could find a gift card in each conference bag to take home to their children.

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    DDoS attacks evolve; NTT Com still prevails (Comptel PLUS Show Daily)

    The recent wave of politically and otherwise motivated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against major financial institutions, media outlets and social networking sites are bringing awareness to the number one threat to IP service availability. This article focuses on the DDoS Protection Service (DPS) NTT Com has developed, built on industry-leading DDoS mitigation platforms and 24x7 expert monitoring services.

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    NTT to expand North America customer connectivity (Telecom Review Magazine)

    NTT Communications is entering CoreSite’s Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia campuses, and growing its presence at CoreSite’s Chicago and Los Angeles (One Wilshire) facilities. This article reports on this expansion and some other NTT news, such as the NTT Innovation Institute (NTT I3) and PoP expansion.

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    Defending against evolving DDoS attacks (Capacity Magazine)

    Strip away the mind blogging advancements that reshape the way the world wide web evolves day by day and you are left with a very simple tenet: the Internet must work. Period. However, as DDoS attacks escalate in frequency and complexity, businesses and organizations are becoming targets for a variety of reasons. This article explores the scope and reasons of the latest wave of DDoS attacks, and what NTT Communications is doing to help its customers stay online and open for business.

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    NTT Com Expands Global IP Network Footprint with CoreSite across North America (via Business Wire)

    As NTT Com enters CoreSite’s Silicon Valley and Northern Virginia campuses, and grows its presence at CoreSite’s Chicago and Los Angeles facilities, customers will benefit from greater connectivity options. This expansion enables NTT Com to scale its offerings to large content companies, internet service providers (ISPs) and enterprises, and reach a broader community of Internet-centric businesses.

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    America Offline: Can the U.S. be disconnected from the Net? (PCWorld)

    As the number and frequency of DDoS attacks grow and network operators become more concerned about cyber security, this article by PCWorld analyzes if the U.S. could be disconnected from the net. Many industry experts are quoted, including NTT Com's Dorian Kim.

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    Getting Practical with Wholesale (ITW Capacity Daily)

    As EVP of the NTT Communications Global IP Network at NTT America, Michael Wheeler has gained a deep understanding into the dynamics of the global marketplace. Here he talks to Capacity’s Alex Hawkes about the company’s operations in Latin America, the PoP in Sao Paulo, and what is coming next.

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    NTT Com’s Global IP Network and Videotron Deliver on Service Speed and Quality (ITW Capacity Daily)

    Last year Canadian telecommunications leader Videotron selected NTT Communications and its Tier-1 Global IP Network when the Quebec-based company was considering several global carriers to help expand its footprint. This article explores the reasons why Videotron, an integrated communications company offering a wide variety of services, chose NTT for its transit traffic.

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    Path to SDN wide open to interpretation (Capacity Voice)

    What made the Capacity Latam 2013 technology workshop different from most is that instead of bringing together technicians from across the industry to discuss general network and operational management issues, the workshop instead honed in on some of the technical complexities surrounding SDN, writes Capacity magazine editor Alex Hawkes. The workshop took place in Sao Paulo and was sponsored by NTT Communications.

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    NTT America Poised to Mitigate DDoS Attacks (Comptel PLUS Show Daily, March 2012)

    The recent wave of politically and otherwise motivated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against major financial institutions are bringing awareness to the number one threat to IP service availability. To counter the growing complexity of these attacks, NTT Communications has developed a DDoS Protection Service built on industry-leading DDoS mitigation platforms and around-the-clock expert monitoring services. This report provides more details.

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    Interview with Michael Wheeler (Information Technology, January 2012)

    Video is the “killer app” for Internet traffic, said Michael Wheeler, Executive Vice President, NTT Communications Global IP Network, NTT America, in an interview with Information Technology, a leading Argentine magazine. Mr. Wheeler also opined on the impact of social networking on IP networks, net neutrality, and the trends and challenges in Latin American markets (Text in Spanish).