Cancel Service

What type of service would you like to cancel? Listed below are the types of Services that NTT provides. You may check any boxes that apply to your account.

Broadband - Broadband services are defined as Data access services. Such services include Frame Relay, Fractional T1, T1, DS3 and above. The services provide you the ability to pass data packets across networks and internetworks.

Colocation - Colocation services are defined as physical housing of your equipment in a NTT facility. NTT facilities provide a secure environment, regulated power (amps), dedicated Internet connections, security and support. Relevant terms include cages, cabinets, ethernet handoffs and drops. Colocation is often referred to as colo.

Dedicated Hosting - Basic Dedicated Servers, Managed Servers, Dual Servers, Cluster Systems, or Multi-Site Systems all fully managed solutions tailor made to fit your business needs.

Enterprise Level Hosting - A custom-configured Enterprise Level Hosting solution, which provides management & support, facilities, network, high availability servers, software infrastructure, managed security; load balancing, and burstable bandwidth. Specifically tailored to fit your complex business needs.