Credit Information

Below are the most common reasons for credit/adjustments requests, along with NTT's policy on the various issues.

Service Disruption

There are several causes for service disruption. Once a customer has determined there is a service outage, the proper steps should be taken to resolve the problem (including contacting our NOC at +1 214-672-7228). If the problem has been determined to be a NTT network problem, a customer may then contact our Customer Billing Care center (via the above channels) with the case number assigned to them by the tech support team. A credit will then be issued for the service downtime. Neither a credit nor an adjustment will be made to an account if it is determined the service disruption was due to forces outside the NTT network.

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Credit for Cancellation

Credit requests based upon cancellation within a billing period are dependant upon the billing frequency. For quarterly or annual billing, credits may be issued for any full months remaining through the service dates listed. Because cancellations are effective the end of your current billing period, there will be no credits or adjustments made to monthly billing accounts.

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Phone Charges

Except for the rare instance where NTT bills the customer directly, outages based on difficulties with the circuits, quality, and/or transmission rates of the phone lines are the responsibility of the applicable phone company and are not basis for a NTT credit or adjustment. Also, NTT does not issue credits or adjustments for long distance charges. It is the customer's responsibility to locate and use a local access number. NTT is also not responsible for telephone charges arising from the number of connections attempted and/or made, whether local or long distance.

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Service Not Utilized

NTT is proud to provide the necessary resources for access and Web hosting. Delay or non-use of purchased services is not a valid basis for credit. It is the customer's responsibility to cancel unwanted services. (See Account Cancellations.)

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Overcharge or Duplicate Billing

Please contact NTT Customer Billing Care via the above channels at your earliest convenience if your account shows that you are being billed more than once for the same service.

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